Playing With Fire | Puckleberry

It was like deja vu for Puck, standing in a seedy bar a couple towns over from Lima hoping to pick up a date for the night. He steered clear of the bar in which he and Rachel first met - there was no way in hell he’d every step back through those doors. He figured bad karma would have shit all over that place. Instead, he headed in a different direction and was keeping his eye on a hot blonde that was definitely¬†over 21. He was a couple beers in, eyeing her from a distance. She was tall and slim with a huge (read: fake) rack and exactly the kind of fuck he needed to take his mind of Rachel and all the drama that surrounded her lately. After the incident in his office, he’d spent the better part of three days trying to track her down and apologize before he gave up. She was avoiding him, and he didn’t have time to deal with her shit. What the fuck ever. She was 16 and a student. There was no way he was hung up on her. He’d take blondie to a hotel tonight and she’d hopefully fuck any lingering memories he may have of Rachel right out of his head.¬†

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